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About PhastCloud

PhastCloud is changing the way groups communicate. PhastCloud allows users to communicate with their co-workers, clients, family, and friends with the simple click of a button. Instead of tedious email chains, and exchanges, get groups of people on the phone instantly, with no conference call pin codes or prearranged schedules, just simply add users and start a cloud call.

PhastCloud is bringing back the telephone call: Instantly express your ideas and solve problems, talk to groups of relatives, all at once, all simply connected, all done on the fly.

PhastCloud allows you to communicate with your coworkers and friends by utilizing simple technology to allow users to 'outcall' the other participants. Simply create clouds by adding users based on common hobbies, interests and projects.

Replace your annoying dial-in codes with a clean and effective way to do your conference calls. Say good-bye to the days of long email chains, simply add the participants into your cloud and get everyone talking.

Phast Cloud is perfect for any individual who works on the phone. Instead of doing three way conference calls, or sending out and scheduling larger conference calls, simply get the people you need on the phone instantly.

Email and texting have changed the way business is done, now go one step further. Get back in touch with clients and friends.